Water Documentary


Chris Hansen Productions’ newest project has beenĀ green-lit. For my summer independent study I have been commissioned to create a 25-30 minute ecological documentary that depicts how problems associated with land use are causing impairment of Iowa’s water quality.

In this documentary I will identify and film 5-6 field sites which will serve as several of the natural locations. The sites will be selected based on current Department of Natural Resource information regarding Iowa’s impaired waterways. Some of the types of contamination I will examine will include manure spills, E coli, contamination leading to beach closures, and pesticide pollution.

The script will be based on a literature survey of popular and scientific articles that describe Iowa’s water quality problems and possible solutions. The documentary will also exclusively feature the Des Moines Water Works, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, The Iowa Department of Agriculture. The documentary is scheduled to be completed by August 15th.

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