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I have always been an avid movie fan. However, when I got to college, I realized I had a lot more free time. Coincidentally, my roommate had all the seasons of Scrubs on DVD. I had seen a few random re-run episodes  before, so I decided to give it a shot and start from the beginning. I was now hooked on TV shows.

I was so busy in high school all year, playing four sports, i never had a chance regularly to keep up with any shows. And this was before TV shows and movies were readily available online (at least that I knew of). I also watched a lot of HBO, and Starz, as well as the History and Discovery Channels. My freshman and sophomore years at Drake, I really felt a shift in my desire to watch TV shows over movies.

I think that I started to enjoy TV shows because you get to spend more than 2 hours in the characters world. In some cases I feel that certain shows, especially dramas are like long movies because of their high production value. And the episodes are either 22, or 43 minutes long, which make it more convenient when you’re constantly coming and going in between classes and football practice, etc.

I have grown to like many different types of TV shows. I’ve listed a few below.

Cable Shows/Reality

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,

Network Comedies/Sitcoms

Happy Endings, Scrubs

Network Dramas

The Unit, J.A.G., One Tree Hill, 24, LOST

Cable Comedies

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Premium Cable

Generation Kill, Homeland, Entourage, Band of Brothers, The Pacific

Cable Shows/Reality/Comedy

Tosh.0, Key & Peele, Sports Center, Conan, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Rob & Big, Nitro Circus, Reno 911, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, Reno 911, Jackass

I’ve had a hard time when it comes to starting new shows. I think it has to do a lot with the characters in the shows I already enjoy. You have to start from scratch with a new show, you have to take chance, and more times than not, they don’t come close the characters you already love. I actually think its Ironic, because when it comes to film and cinema, my first priority isn’t Character development and plot. Its usually to shot composition, effects, and editing. Films usually have higher budgets so they can do more with more, where as TV shows have to more with less by spreading the budget out throughout the whole season, so they focus more on story and character development. They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum so I think its a good balance.


I have always been a big baseball fan. My favorite team is the Seattle Mariners, thanks to legends Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro Suzuki. The unfortunate part about being a Mariners fan in central Iowa is that I never get to see them play, both in person and especially on TV. So I decided to purchase MLB.tv Premium for the 2012 season.

For only $125 I am able to watch every out of market game live in HD on my MacBook Pro, Playstation 3 or iPod touch. Plus I got to watch every single spring training game for free, without blackout restrictions. I also got a free subscription to At Bat 12 mobile app for my iPod touch. That’s a lot of bang for the buck!

I rarely miss a Mariners game now. I’ve never been able to follow my team this closely. Although their record doesn’t show it, the Mariners have had a pretty exciting season. They’ve been part of a perfect game, a 6 pitcher no-hitter, and Ichiro’s 2500th career hit. I’ve come to love the ROOTS Sports Northwest broadcasts. Which is very important to me because I’ve worked on many sports broadcasting crews over the past few years. I could definitely see myself filming pro baseball someday.

The only drawback to MLB.tv is the MLB’s blackout rules (which are absolutely ridiculous). If you are within a radius of so many miles of a team’s home city, you are not able to watch that team’s games live, even if they are on the road. Unless you are subscribed to the local cable or satellite provider, that carries that teams’ broadcasts.  Iowa is the worst state when it comes to blackouts. We are within in the blackout radius of all 6 midwest teams (the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Kansas City Royals). Thanks to Mediacom, us Iowans are only able to watch all the Cardinals games on FOX Sports Network: Midwest, or whenever the Cubs or White Sox are on WGN, plus the occasional game on ESPN or TBS.  When the Mariners play against, or at any of those team’s, I have to wait till the game is completed before I can watch the broadcast. Luckily the Mariners are in the American League West division so they don’t play many games against AL or NL Central teams.

Besides the blackout rules. MLB.tv Premium was a fantastic deal, compared to the prices of NFL Sunday Ticket, or the NHL and NBA’s full season packages. I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to watch my Mariners this season and will gladly renew my subscription for many seasons to come!


New Camera


The official camera of Chris Hansen Productions for the past 6 years has kicked the bucket. It was a Sony HDR-HC3, which captured video at a very crisp 1080i. It was a useful tool for my video productions over the years. However, as I have learned more about cameras I eventually outgrew the HDR-HC3. As a consumer grade camcorder it posed several challenges when it was being used for more professional purposes.

Sony is known for not outsourcing their accessories to be produced by 3rd party vendors. Because of this, for example, the only external, wireless microphone attachment available for the HDR-HC3 was a Sony Bluetooth wireless microphone for over $200. Another issue I had with the camera was the focus ring, or in this case, the lack of a focus ring, which made manual focus almost impossible. In order to adjust any settings manually, you would have to scroll through the touch screen menus, which tended to be very inconvenient. The easiest way to operate the camera was when everything was set on automatic, which wasn’t appropriate for some settings especially in low light situations. Overall, the camera suited my needs perfectly. However, now as a professional I will require more advanced features and settings from my camera.

I am in search of a low end professional camera, with an adjustable iris, and duo XLR audio inputs (among other features). These are important because two of the most common and most difficult parts of producing quality video is capturing quality light and sound. I shoot a lot of weddings, and no two weddings are the same especially when it comes to this. With a consumer camera with fully automatic settings, you loose a lot of control over what you are capturing.

My search for a new camera has only just began. I’ve been fortunate to be able to use Drake University’s cameras during the past two football seasons. I would love to have cameras of that caliber but they are easily over $5000, which is way out of my price range. The picture of the second camera is similar to the kind my roommate had freshman year. This would be a perfect example of what I’m looking for, however, I don’t remember the exact model number. I am open to suggestions from any media professionals who know their way around a camera. As my search continues, I am open to suggestions from people who have good ideas on what model or brand to look for. Please comment below!

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