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In high school I started to get into HTML / CSS and website design. I took several classes where I learned basic skills in coding and HTML. However, I took a few years off from webpage design in between my high school class and college class. I forgot most of the basics, so it was like starting from scratch.

In the class I took this past semester, I’ve really enjoyed re-learning what I had forgotten. I also have benefited from learning new things as well, especially CSS. I’ve had a YouTube page since 2006, so I’ve had some web presence. I had been meaning to create an official website for years, I just didn’t understand hosting. Until I took this class, and figured out how.

I secured my domain name,, and began to upload files via an FTP server. This was the start of the creation of my official website for my business, Chris Hansen Productions. After we learned how to write HTML and CSS coding, we began to use WordPress. Then I installed my theme and went to work creating the look of the website.

I embedded a lot of my videos from my YouTube and Facebook accounts, which are acting as my demo reel for the moment. I still have countless videos to upload and embed on my site. I am hoping to use this website both as a platform to secure future business opportunities, and professional networking opportunities as well, in hopes of securing employment.

I like programs like photoshop, and video editing. I like to be able to tweak and manipulate the product until I get it just perfect, I’ve found that website design is very similar. I hope to continue learning more about HTML / CSS and webpage design. My website is good for starters, but over time I will attempt to make it a reliable, and fluid tool for marketing, networking, and business purposes. It’s kind of exciting putting this site together for the purpose of getting my work out there, in hopes of getting a job and entering the real world.

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