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In high school I started to get into HTML / CSS and website design. I took several classes where I learned basic skills in coding and HTML. However, I took a few years off from webpage design in between my high school class and college class. I forgot most of the basics, so it was like starting from scratch.

In the class I took this past semester, I’ve really enjoyed re-learning what I had forgotten. I also have benefited from learning new things as well, especially CSS. I’ve had a YouTube page since 2006, so I’ve had some web presence. I had been meaning to create an official website for years, I just didn’t understand hosting. Until I took this class, and figured out how.

I secured my domain name,, and began to upload files via an FTP server. This was the start of the creation of my official website for my business, Chris Hansen Productions. After we learned how to write HTML and CSS coding, we began to use WordPress. Then I installed my theme and went to work creating the look of the website.

I embedded a lot of my videos from my YouTube and Facebook accounts, which are acting as my demo reel for the moment. I still have countless videos to upload and embed on my site. I am hoping to use this website both as a platform to secure future business opportunities, and professional networking opportunities as well, in hopes of securing employment.

I like programs like photoshop, and video editing. I like to be able to tweak and manipulate the product until I get it just perfect, I’ve found that website design is very similar. I hope to continue learning more about HTML / CSS and webpage design. My website is good for starters, but over time I will attempt to make it a reliable, and fluid tool for marketing, networking, and business purposes. It’s kind of exciting putting this site together for the purpose of getting my work out there, in hopes of getting a job and entering the real world.

Dream Jobs

I have many passions, and have a diverse set of skills when it comes to video production. I’d like to share with you several potential dream jobs i’d love to have. I have been the Video Coordinator for Drake football team for the past 4 years. I have had an unbelievable experience during my time at Drake. I’ve traveled all over the country filming football games. The access that Drake Football has provided me has been second to none for getting high quality video.

I would very much like to continue doing something similar, but on the professional level. My number one dream job would be to work for NFL Films (or HBO Sports). I was inspired by Hardknocks: Training Camp with the New York. I like football, and I love video production, so the combination of the two would be amazing.

My second dream job would be an MLB broadcast camera operator. I absolutely love baseball, and I love watching it on TV. So again, combining the two would be ideal. Also, to work at a Major League ballpark everyday would be perfect, given my love of sports architecture. I can take my experience working on sports broadcasting crews and apply it in the real world. And I would get to travel a lot, which is also something I’m passionate about. I think that would be a very fun and satisfactory.

Having the opportunity to work in the film industry would be like fulfilling a childhood dream. I feel like I have a cinematic vision, I’ve just lacked the proper tools and equipment (i.e. cameras, cranes, etc), so I’ve had to do the best with what I’ve had. As a professional Director of Photography or Cinematographer, you are responsible for the look and feel of a film. To create the look of a major motion picture film would be another dream job.

I’ve been editing video since I was in middle school, to do it on the professional level would be very fulfilling. When editing, its like putting a puzzle together. As an editor, you have a great influence on the final product of a film or video. I like that kind of pressure. Plus getting your name in the credits would be an incredible feeling. I would be proud to show my friends and family my work on the big screen or on TV. Doing anything in the film industry, or getting the opportunity to work with any of my heros or idols would be a true dream come true.

Michael Bay and Ron Howard’s use of camera cranes has inspired me because those are my favorite kinds of shots. You can start high and wide, and drive the camera all the way into a tight close up. The camera crane is so versatile, you can do almost any kind of shot with it. I’ve tried to build by own, and failed tragically. If I had the opportunity to be a camera crane operator either in the film industry, or television or at least incorporate those kinds of shots into my films would be an experience i’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Aviation is always something I’ve been interested in. I’ve always loved to fly. When I watched Black Hawk Down, part of me wanted to learn how to fly helicopters. Aerial cinematography is often my favorite parts of films and videos. If I could either be a camera helicopter pilot or to be an aerial cinematographer / camera operator will be a thrill of a lifetime. As long as the camera is moving, I am happy. These are a few of my dream jobs. If I am able to do any of these in my lifetime it would be the ultimate satisfaction.

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